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Grishina Ekaterina Viktorovna, Head of the Center for Further Vocational Education, Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University (90 Mira avenue, Krasnoyarsk, Russia),  E-mail: 

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Background. In the scientific literature there are many works aimed at studying the development of the gold mining industry in Russia, but there are no historical and legal aspects of its development. At the same time, the analysis of historical and legal aspects makes it possible to draw important conclusions and characterize the state’s policy not only on the part of industrial indicators, but also on the development of legal relations in this sphere. The aim of the work is to analyze the problems of development of the gold mining industry in Siberia and their influence on the development and development of the social and economic development of the region, to introduce into legal circulation legal acts, the implementation of which was carried out in the specified period.
Materials and methods. The implementation of research tasks was achieved on the basis of an analysis of the main regulatory legal acts on the private gold mining industry from sources of complete assemblies of the Laws of the Russian Empire. The tasks set within the framework of the research are realized using general scientific methods (dialectical, analysis, synthesis), as well as private-scientific methods (formal-legal, comparative-legal).
Results. The formation and development of regulatory support for the gold mining industry in Siberia has been studied. The foundations of the formation of private property in the gold mining industry are analyzed. The main periods of the historical and legal development of the gold mining industry in Siberia have been identified. The conclusions on the results of the introduction of new legal norms for each historical period are formulated.
Conclusions. The gold mining industry of Siberia marked the beginning of the formation of one of the largest labor markets in the country, facilitated the development of production relations in the region. Siberia in its socio-economic development has been moving in a nationwide way, moving along the same development path as the whole of Russia. The gold mining industry developed progressively, promoting the development of private property and the transition to capitalist relations. Within the framework of the functioning gold mining industry, the author notes the inconsistency of the legal norms being implemented, the costs of the state’s tax policy, the emergence of new labor relations. 

Key words

gold mining industry of Siberia, legal acts, private property, tax policy, legal policy, labor relations, periods of historical and legal development of the gold mining industry in Siberia, capitalist relations 


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